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Show me the money: Viewpoint project scheduling software keeps an eye on the bottom line

Show me the money: Viewpoint project scheduling software keeps an eye on the bottom line
Project management software should facilitate communications between stakeholders, encourage seamless collaboration and keep all parties on schedule. For the developers of the Viewpoint Construction Software suite, doing all these things well isn’t enough if it doesn’t help clients to monitor project finances.

“What we’re seeing in construction is a convergence, where everybody needs to facilitate the flow of data between the project office, the contractors and sub-contractors on the job site, and the architects and engineers who often work as outside consultants,” says Dylan Alford, a marketing manager with Viewpoint. “Of all the software solutions in this space, I think we’ve come the closest to seamlessly bridging the gap between these three. What makes us a little different is that we started out developing core accounting software for construction companies. We understand the impact of all aspects of project management as they reflect on the bottom line at any stage of project completion.”

Viewpoint offers two main contractor products. ProContractor, aimed at smaller contractors, offers the industry’s only combined cloud software solution for estimating, project management, and accounting. Vista, aimed at medium to large contractors, offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions that helps contractors manage all operations.

“These tools tie together accounting, payroll, costing and estimating functions into one software package,” says Alford. “But just as importantly, they enable you to analyze and complete all of your financial planning in a much easier manner.”

An add-on product, Viewpoint For Projects, provides a collaborative project management solution for achieving streamlined processes and clear communication across stakeholders.

“It’s a document and information manager that allows all stakeholders to collaborate on their piece of the puzzle, whether they’re outside consultants or part of your organization,” says Alford. “Everybody sees the most current version of the same documents, right down to the last alteration or change order.” 

Viewpoint For Projects contains modules allowing other enhanced functions. BIM Manager, for example, allows parties in teleconference across the globe to mark up a project drawing as it’s being discussed. Field View extends functionality to project members on job sites, so they can record and capture data, make observations, upload photos and identify deficiencies.

Underpinning the entire software suite, however, is respect for the bottom line. 

Viewpoint works with all new clients on a discovery process to ensure that the software is customized to each business. That helps ensure that data derived from the project management tools is as accurate as possible. 

“We’ve uniquely positioned the software to accurately map information from the project team and reflect that in the accounting,” says Alford. “You’re always getting a realistic view of how a job is performing against budget. Using our business intelligence module, you can drill down as deep as you want into each project. Looking at our dashboard feature, you can do real-time monitoring of your profit margin, so you can hold the line on creeping costs before a project drifts into the red.”

Viewpoint’s customer support and training portal, ClearView, provides training and assistance, but also serves as a forum for clients to suggest new features that they’d like to see added to the software suite.

“We received a lot of feedback from HVAC and mechanical contractors that their work didn’t end with installing a system in a building,” says Alford. “There would often be an ongoing maintenance component to the contract. That inspired us to create a service management module that included support scheduling for maintenance work, dispatching technicians and even getting a digital signature from the customer for approved work. Viewpoint software continues to evolve and will remain relevant only as long as we keep listening to our customers and respecting their bottom line.”

This content is sponsored by Viewpoint Construction Software in collaboration with ConstructConnect™ Media. To learn more about Viewpoint, visit www.viewpoint.com. 


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